Five fire austerity

Il parait que c’est sous le soleil de midi que tu dois pratiquer le yoga quand t’es sérieux. Ça tombe ben le docteur m’a dit que je manquais de vitamine D.

Pis pour pimenter ta pratique, garoche 5 feux autour de toi. Ça tombe bien ma carte de Moksha vient d’expirer.

Path of least resistance

My path of least resistance takes me the pen and paper. Sometimes it takes me to the mountain for a run, or a walk. Or to bed. Sometimes it takes me in the opposite direction. To the box of cookies or to facebook or back to bed, snooze after snooze.

We have our tendencies, sometimes towards health, sometimes towards illness. Sometimes towards strange places that have no name.

Think of how your inspiration and your motivation fluctuates over a single day. The networks of nerves and tissues in your body are constantly rearranging themselves, the mesh of relationships with people and things is in constant flux. Together they suggest your next priority. What’s your impulse right now?


Time for a new Atoma

I love these books. They allow for switching pages around. You can take out a page, scan it and put it back. Or put down schedule stuff on disparate pages and later merge them next to each other. Atoma notebooks, available at Nota Bene on Avenue Du Parc.

I don’t have much time to draw these days. But I do. A few minutes are satisfactory sometimes. I realized how specific my craving for the sensation of drawing is. These days it’s Pigma Micron 01 skating on the surface of Atoma paper that turns me on.

February 9 2013

A few years ago journaling turned into drawing. It was quite obvious that the meaning of the words in writing my stream of consciousness was far out-weighted by the act of writing itself. I kept my hand moving and words turned into doodles. I kept my hand moving some more and eventually my whole body followed.

These days I mostly dance. The movement you don’t see on the page is now happening on stage. I’m taking part in a show called Humanity Projects at Place Des Arts until February 24. Come check it out.